Black Lives Matter

We feel grief and outrage at the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breanna Taylor. We assert that Black lives matter and stand in support of those who are raising their voices against injustice. We acknowledge the huge psychological burden born by the Black and Brown people of this country where systemic racism is rampant and exhausting and dates back to its beginnings.

The mission of The Relating Well Center is to help people to build deeper connections through the lifespan. Research shows us that deeper connections to oneself, to one’s partner, to family, community and a greater sense of meaning help us to feel good, work productively, and enjoy healthier relationships. Even physical health improves when connections are strong.

However, this mission of course assumes that we are alive. That we can breathe. That we have sufficient safety, food, shelter and healthcare to be able to strive for this level of connection. That we are not actively traumatized, gripped by pain and nervous system arousal that does not abate because the danger is real and persistent.

We are committed to opposing racism so that all people have equal access to healthy lives, including healthy relationships.

To this end, we are:

Donating to NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Committing to educating ourselves further and invite you to do the same including using these resources

Continuing to examine our own identities and the impact they have on ourselves, our clients, and our larger community.

Welcoming dialogue and feedback regarding these issues.

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and feeling heard and supported.