Pumpkins, Pandemic and Politics…How Are You Holding Up This Fall?

I ran into a neighbor yesterday when I was walking around the hood, taking a breather from Zoom calls and enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. When she asked me “How are you?” I looked to see if she really wanted to know. She seemed happy to have some human interaction so I said what felt true. “We are fine and not fine.” She nodded, understanding completely.

We are both among the fortunate ones who are safe and healthy and employed, at least for now. We have a lot to be grateful for. And yet, so much has still been lost for ourselves and our loved ones and our communities, with uncertainty the only certainty. We are holding multiple truths at the same time…we are resilient and tired, satisfied and unsettled, industrious and stagnant.

I find that it is more important than ever to take a few minutes each day to scan my body and notice my emotions and energy level, and to allow whatever is true for me to rise up and be recognized, even if it doesn’t seem “consistent” or to “make sense.” I shake off what doesn’t really belong to me…like other people’s feelings, the adrenaline of the 24 hour news cycle, responsibility for what I can’t control. I come back to my Self. I try to maintain the self-care routines that work for me, and when I drift away from them and start to notice more stress, less pleasure, or other clues that I am out of balance, I return to self-care once more.

I hope that you and your loved ones are more fine than not fine, and if you are struggling that you have the support you need. If you would like some help checking in with yourself, take a look at this three minute video I recorded recently. And for those in crisis, here are some numbers you can call. May we all sink our roots into whatever nourishes us, and grow in new and interesting ways during this unprecedented time.