Relationship Counseling

Are you feeling distant from your partner?

Wondering if marriage or relationship counseling can help?

Those who are seeking marriage counseling or relationship therapy already know how easy it is to feel isolated and hopeless when your relationship is suffering. And maintaining a healthy satisfying relationship is no easy feat in today’s hectic world where we are overconnected in some ways and more disconnected than ever in others. Many couples struggle on their own for too long while untreated problems get worse such as anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, anger management, addictions, infidelity and family breakdown.

Marriage counseling and relationship therapy can help. Talking with a skilled, caring, therapist can enable you and your partner to identify the challenges in your relationship, as well as the resources you have that you can use to face them. Get out of patterns that have kept you stuck. Call  The Relating Well Center at (215)760-3519 or send an email to answer any questions you may have.

Not all therapy is effective for marriage and relationship issues. Couples therapy that involves only rehashing the same problems without offering new skills or ideas is not likely to be very helpful. Nor is individual therapy that fails to take a systemic, relationship perspective. Fortunately, however, many innovative techniques are now available that help couples to reduce their relationship problems, deepen their connection, and increase their health and satisfaction. Even if one partner refuses to attend, individual therapy focused on relationship strengthening can be quite effective.

The Relating Well Center in Jenkintown, PA helps couples and individuals to nourish themselves, develop new skills, and feel better. By providing counseling and education, it helps people of all ages to build deeper connections through the lifespan. Like a well provides water from an underground spring, the approach of the center is to help people tap their own resources using new tools and strategies in order to refresh themselves and deepen their connection with loved ones.

Take the first steps to healing yourself and your relationship. Call (215)760-3519 or send an email to set up an appointment or get further information.