For Professionals

“Patty’s work is on the cutting edge of the IFS model. Her workshop is engaging, clarifying, and powerful. She is a skilled and vibrant leader. I highly recommend this workshop!” Anna Huckabee Tull, Author, Living the Deeper Yes

“Patricia Rich presents the sexual applications of IFS in an effective and entertaining way.” Mike Elkin, IFS Senior Trainer

“I appreciate Patricia for bringing sexual energy, embodiment, and knowledge to the world of psychotherapy, which can often seem painfully devoid of it, and doing so in a courageous way that validates its importance and welcomes and honors the wide diversity of ways it can be experienced.” Percy Ballard MD

Through workshops, training, and consultation, Patricia Rich endeavors to help therapists and other professionals to increase their confidence and competence with regard to sexuality. Her model for Self-Led Sexuality educates about the dynamics of  burdened and unburdened sexual systems, the cost of sexual shame, the 6 S’s of Sexual Self Energy, and the empowerment and ecstasy that can occur when sexual burdens are healed. The model incorporates the lenses of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Embodiment Practices, Sex Education, Sexual Justice and Behavioral Exploration (guidance for private experience only, no nudity or sexual touch during trainings). It is equally applicable to people who are single and those in relationships, LGBTQIA*, traditional and nontraditional values and more. Self-Led Sexuality Consultation and Training is offered to Individuals, Groups and Organizations.

“Patty’s presentation on IFS and Sexuality was informative, meaningful, and fun! Her creativity and generosity in sharing her knowledge, thought process, and vulnerability are so very much appreciated. It was a wonderful presentation.” Nadine Slavitt LCSW

Patricia also offers:

  • Introduction to IFS classes and workshops
  • Supervision toward AASECT Sex Therapist certification
  • Supervision toward IFS Certification
  • Pennsylvania LCSW supervision
  • Conference presentations
  • Educational seminars
  • Individual and group case consultation
  • Personal exploration for professionals