Self-Led Sexuality for IFS Professionals

The Internal Family Systems model (IFS) tells us that all parts of ourselves are welcome, but many of us have difficulty welcoming parts associated with sexuality, both in ourselves and our clients. Even those who have relatively unburdened sexual systems may have little experience finding, befriending, and witnessing the stories of their sexual parts in a differentiated and Self-led way.


People who have experienced trauma may have added difficulties. This matters not only for our own healing, pleasure, and connection with partners, but also because we may overreact or underreact to client material, limiting the Self energy in the room and possibly perpetuating experiences of exiling or shaming of sex parts. As sexual norms become increasingly complex due to technological and social change, we are called to further grow and adapt, which may add to the challenges faced by some of our parts.

The Self-Led Sexuality model developed by Patricia Rich, LCSW, CST-S expands the understanding of  sexuality within the IFS model and reflects understandings in the field of positive sexuality. Patricia endeavors to help therapists and other professionals to increase their competency and Self energy with regard to sexuality. Learn about the dynamics of  burdened and unburdened sexual systems, the cost of sexual shame, the 6 S’s of Sexual Self Energy, and the empowerment that can occur when sexual burdens are healed. The model incorporates the lenses of IFS, Embodiment Practices, Sex Education, Sexual Justice and Experiential Sexuality (guidance for private experience only, no nudity or sexual touch during trainings). It is equally applicable to people who are single and those in relationships, LGBTQIA*, traditional and nontraditional values and more.

Self-Led Sexuality Consultation is offered to:

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Organizations

Patricia also offers:

  • Introduction to IFS classes and workshops
  • Supervision toward AASECT Sex Therapist certification
  • Supervision toward IFS Certification
  • Pennsylvania LCSW supervision
  • Conference presentations
  • Educational seminars