Self Leadership Consultation

Want to increase your effectiveness at work?

IFS can open new possibilities.

You may already be a leader in your professional life. Perhaps you lead a team, a company, or your own business, or aspire to these types of roles.  But did you know that there is another level of leadership that occurs internally, within your own personality?  And that this internal style of leadership impacts how you feel, what choices you make, and how you relate to others in your professional as well as your personal life?

Just as a company is made up of different people who work together and form an organizational system, our own psyches are also comprised of different parts that form an internal system. These “parts” can also be understood as subpersonalities, and may show up as thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, or images.  Far from being a sign of pathology, it is normative to have these parts, which all have a positive intent for our survival.

When our internal system is healthy and functioning well, we often feel calm, centered, clear, connected to others, and creative.  When life’s inevitable problems occur, we are able to feel compassion for ourselves and others, We convey authenticity and confidence, and inspire this in others. We are able to lead our lives from our core Self, in harmony with our many parts, but not controlled by them. This is the state that we call Self Leadership. If, however, there is stress and imbalance amongst our inner parts, we will have difficulty accessing our core Self and are more likely to feel stuck, blocked, conflicted, inauthentic, and may have difficulty connecting with others or carrying out our plans.

These concepts derive from the Internal Family Systems model (IFS), originally developed as a psychotherapy approach by Dr. Richard Schwartz, and now more broadly applied as well in the areas of coaching, business, and personal growth.  This model offers a unique understanding of personality structure and offers specific methods for self-awareness, mindfulness, and rebalancing of parts, opening up capacities that you may not have even known that you possess.

Your 90 minute Self Leadership Consultation will offer an opportunity to get to know your own internal system, particularly as related to a current conflict, stuck point, or dilemma in your work or personal life. 


Joe, the CEO of a technology startup, has previously enjoyed being self-employed, and is now hiring others to work with him in order to reach his goal of greater product reach and income. However, he is finding himself short-tempered with his employees, misses working on technical projects, and is having difficulty delegating tasks. He knows that he cannot grow his company without making changes, and even hired a business expert to tell him what to do, but he has not been able to shift his underlying feeling.  He is starting to wonder if he wants to give up.

He decides to try a new approach and contracts with a Self Leadership Consultant. She guides him to zero in on the irritation that he feels and to identify the body sensations and thoughts that go with it.  She similarly asks him to focus in on his desires to expand the reach and profits of his company.  After engaging in the process, he recognizes that he has parts of himself that are fiercely independent, parts that are impatient, parts that are talented at engineering, parts that are sensitive to criticism, and parts that want to skip over administrative details.  She helps him to slow down enough to listen to the concerns of each of his parts, and for him to respect each one and appreciate what it is protecting or striving for.  He arrives at a new perspective, from which he can reassure his independent and impatient parts that slow but steady growth will allow greater independence down the road. He can affirm the pleasure he takes in addressing technical projects, acknowledge his parts that are sensitive to criticism and offer them kindness, and recognize how his inattention to administrative systems is burdening his own internal system, as well as the efficiency of his business.  He sets a goal of creating a policy and procedures manual, dedicating time each day to focus on a technical project, engaging in five minutes of mindfulness daily, and slowing down before reacting when he feels himself becoming irritable. He likes the sense of clarity he arrives at, and can better appreciate how a positive attitude can further his long-term goals. He learns to recognize when his “parts” are activated, and to be mindful before reacting.

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