The mission of The Relating Well Center is to build deeper connections through the lifespan. Deeper connections to oneself, to one’s partner, to family, community and a greater sense of meaning help people to feel good, work productively, and enjoy healthier relationships. Even physical health improves when connections are strong.

In today’s hectic world, it is easy to feel alone, misunderstood, or disconnected. Our attention is pulled in many directions as we try to balance work, activities, and family life. Sharp decreases have occurred in the amount of time people spend conversing with each other and sharing activities. Technology offers remote ways to communicate but these do not take the place of “face-time” together. And when that together time occurs, sometimes communication is hard to achieve.

The Relating Well Center helps couples and individuals to nourish themselves and feel better. By providing counseling and education, it helps people of all ages to build deeper connections through the lifespan. Like a well provides water from an underground spring, the approach of the center is to help people tap their own resources using new tools and strategies in order to refresh themselves and deepen their connection with others.

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